Words Are A Powerful Tool

Use them to conjure emotion, slather paint on a portrait, or say something simply.

- The coffee at Bebeka is grown under shade with ample rainfall and rich soil.
- Our unwavering commitment to the development of deep, trusted relationships allows us to connect individuals across the globe swiftly and comprehensively.
- Stepping over the threshold, one feels as though they are falling into a river of deep luxury; with rich colors and a velvety softness that soothes the physical senses, a feathery lightness fills the air - fresh and fragrant. It is comfort and inspiration all-in-one.

Short and sweet or long and lusciously elaborate - words can say so much.


What You're Looking For

Product descriptions, Tweets, news articles, interviews, website copy, Facebook posts, children's books, screenplays, creative stories... the possibilities are endless.

Sharing the story of who you are and where you came from can be the most powerful tool you will ever utilize. There is no one like you. Your perspective and history are 100% unique - and yet - your emotions, struggles, aspirations, and lessons are universal. Your tribe will connect with you, when they know they can relate to you. 

The services and products that you offer are top notch and are expected to be of the highest quality, but YOU, the person behind your brand, are human. When you genuinely share yourself with others, you invite true authenticity and loyalty.

Encourage Thought is available to proofread/edit existing copy or begin completely from scratch.


Blog Post: The Story Behind the Homestead: Who We Are and Where We Came From

Blog Post: The Story Behind the Homestead: Who We Are and Where We Came From

Website copy edited by Encourage Thought

Website copy edited by Encourage Thought

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