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Our Approach

This is where we bring it all together. Now that you have a bunch of rad content, it's time to get it out there! 

Various website options are available for you to choose from, depending on your type of business/project and what your needs are. If you're building a site from the ground up, we work with template designs from a variety of platforms, from Squarespace, to HostGator, to Shopify, and customize and tailor those designs to be unique to you. If you have a pre-existing site and are happy with your current situation but just need some fresh ideas for a website face-lift, we can help make design suggestions and work with your IT person to make changes. And if you're just looking for some fresh content - new head shots, product shots, a video telling your story, or some new copy to lighten things up - we got your back. 




Homestead Coffee Roasters

Homestead Coffee Roasters is a family owned and operated business out of Upper Black Eddy, PA. Encourage Thought created most of the content in this website, designed and built it.


Stone Harbor Pools is an APSP Certified swimming pool service and renovation company in New Jersey. Encourage Thought designed, built, and created the content for this website.


Serve Kindness hails from Massachusetts and has partnered with master glass-blowers to create beautiful, hand-blown glass bowls. A portion of each purchase donates to your choice of established charities who work relentlessly to serve kindness in their communities. Encourage Thought designed, built, and created the content for this website.


Euphoria Studio is a salon, spa & boutique located in the heart of Frenchtown, NJ dedicated to promoting wellness & self-care. Encourage Thought designed the layout of this website and created the content.


Euphoria Ritual Box is monthly subscription service where deliciously themed boxes full of self care products and suggested rituals are delivered to your doorstep. Encourage Thought designed, built, and created the content for this website.


Melissa Joy Olson is a business owner & creative entrepreneur. Encourage Thought designed, built, and created most of the content for her website.